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The Academy is a new trade school bringing excellence, professionalism, and consistency to prospective casino dealers. Working hand in hand with employers and team members, our ever-evolving curriculum will keep new or existing dealers up to date on rules, games, and career opportunities.

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Founder, Principal Dealer Instructor
Nick Holewinski

Nick Holewinski knows how to break into the casino industry and yeah… it’s no easy feat. From local bar tournaments to satellite tournaments in Las Vegas to dealing in Blackhawk Co, Nick’s been amongst the finest poker players and dealers in the game. With that, he’s been able to obtain the secrets and necessary skills from expert dealers before him to make his own mark in the industry. Nick’s humble yet contagious passion for the game has allowed him to provide for his family and meet incredible people along the way.


In 2004, Nick became the fourth dealer on the third day of the Denver Poker Tour, propelling him to become the Hiring and Training Manager for seven years. In 2011, Nick dealt 11 days at a World Poker Tour before passing his second audition at the Ameristar Blackhawk, where he spent the next seven years. Now, Nick wants to share his gaming expertise with you. With over 17 years of dealing experience under his belt, Nick’s the perfect instructor to transform both beginner and experienced dealers into unstoppable forces at the card table.

Our Instructors

Norine Garcia

Our Vision

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Our Mission

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Are you ready to make some money at the card tables, rather than losing it? You can get the training you need in a few weeks at our dealer training school.